Veneers are a great option for minor tooth shape, size, and color adjustments.  They allow for minimum tooth preparation for maximum cosmetic result.

Anterior Cosmetic Crowns

Crowns are also a fantastic cosmetic option in many cases when larger adjustments are needed or when teeth need to be reinforced.

Dental Makeover

Sometimes a complete dental makeover will provide maximum health along with maximum aesthetics!

*patient had some cosmetic facial skin care as well*

Cracked Tooth Under Old Filling

Many large fillings can cause teeth to crack after years of chewing forces.  When teeth crack, they will often need a crown or onlay.

*onlay shown in picture*

Old Leaky Fillings

Fillings unfortunately do not last forever.  After time, fillings can leak and fail, allowing cavities to get underneath.  A more cosmetic composite filling is often used to replace older amalgam (silver) fillings.  Many people do not like amalgam fillings due to their mercury content.

Stain Composite

Teeth can often have intrinsic stains that cannot be removed by teeth whitening.  Removing stained areas and replacing with cosmetic fillings can make these areas disappear.

Six Month Smiles

Short term orthodontics from a 6 Month Smile dentist can straighten teeth in as short as 6 months. 

*6 months is average treatment time, some cases may take a couple of months longer.  Dentist will have to determine if patient is a candidate for treatment*